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E-cigarette nicotine refilling liquid(e-liquid/e-juice). A 10ml e-liquid will make about the same amount as 10 packs of cigarettes. There are about 100 different flavors, 7 nicotine densities, and based on VG, PG or VG/PG mix for your choices.

e-liquid 10ml  bestecig

Flavor CML   Cubana   Flue cured tobacco   
Blended tobacco   5 5 5   Iced Marl(MLB)   
Virginia Tobacco   Mild 7   Congress(PLM)   
Turkish Blend   Cigar   French Pipe   
WST   Lucky   Peter Stuyvesant   
Davidoff   Hilton   Winfield   
Kent   ESSE   Newport   
Kool   Salem   Marl(MLB) Mint   
Bubble Gum   Menthol   Tobacco Mint   
Mint Candy   Ice Menthol   Triple Menthol   
Strong Mint   Double Mint   Spearmint   
Peppermint   Fruit mix   Cherry   
Watermelon   Strawberry   Melon   
Raspberry   Black Currant   Grape   
Grapefruit   Pineapple   Banana   
Coconut   Orange   Mango   
Passion Fruit   Peach   Cinnamon   
Vanilla   Cream   Ice cream   
Butterscotch   Caramel   Licorice   
Cotton candy   Clove   Cappuccino   
Coffee   Espresso   Chocolate   
Cheesecake   Peanut butter   Cola   
Energy cow(R.Bull)   Black tea   Green tea   
Dr. Pepper   Rootbeer   Fruit punch   
Mountain Dew   Brandy   Champagne   
Nicotine Density
S.High:36mg E.High:26mg High:18mg 
Medium:12mg Low:8mg Extra Low: 4mg 
Based on
Stock 50000 Piece
Price $ 2.15
Weight 23 g
View count 180128


* Tips: all of our flavors are purified from the natural plants, NOT use the artificial flavors; And we adopt medical grade high quality nicotine, NOT cheap nicotine.
1. The composition of E-Liquid ( Atomized Liquid): 100%VG Vegetable Glycerin (or 100%PG Propylene Glycol, or 60%VG/40%PG mix), pure water, glycerol, tobacco flavor, nicotine(from tobacco leaf),and so on. For details of VG, PG and VG/PG e-liquid, please click What's the different between PG eliquid, VG e-liquid, PG/VG Mix e-liquid?e-juice_pack

2. The taste of  E-Liquid (Atomized Liquid):
Tobacco Flavors: Regular Tobacco, Flue Cured Tobacco, Blended Tobacco, Turkish Blend, Virginia Tobacco, Cigar, Cubana, French Pipe, RY-4, CML, Hilton, Mild 7, 3&5, Dunhill, Marl(MLB), Red Marl(MLB), Iced Marl(MLB), Parliament, Benson Hedges, Peter Stuyvesant, Davidoff, WST, Lucky, Winfield, Kent, ESSE, KOOL;

Menthol Flavors: Newport, Salem, Tobacco Mint, Marl(MLB) Mint, Triple Menthol, Menthol, Ice Menthol, Double Mint(green Mint), Spearmint, Peppermint, Strong Mint, Mint Candy, Bubble Gum;

Friut Flavors: Fruit mix, Cherry, Watermelon, Melon, Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Pineapple, Apple,
Grape, Grapefruit, Banana, Coconut, Orange, Mango, Passion Fruit, Lemon, Peach;

Beverage Flavors: Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cream, Ice cream, Caramel, Licorice, Butterscotch, Clove, Rose, Cotton
candy, Chocolate, Cappuccino, Coffee, Espresso, Cheesecake, Peanut butter, Tasteless(unflavor);

Drink Flavors: Energy cow(Red Bull), Cola, Black tea, Green tea, Dr. Pepper, Root beer, Champagne, Mountain Dew, Brandy, Whiskey, Fruit punch.
And we can product the other taste of the liquid.
regular tobacco flavor e-liquid 

Regular Tobacco Flavor e-liquid: Original tobacco flavor, heavy tobacco flavor,is a premium taste of regular tobacco rolls, with distinct medium taste, exquisite light kicks and balanced runs.

Flue cured Tobacco e-liquid

Flue cured Tobacco Flavor e-liquid: Bright tobacco, composed of 100% flue-cured Gold Leaf tobacco. And the wonderful tobacco aroma shines,  very heavy and flavorful.

 RY-4 flavor e-liquid

RY-4 Flavor e-liquid: RY-4 is a mixture of Regular tobacco and mellow Caramel Vanilla that is a sure-hit masterpiece,unique and strong tobacco flavor


Cigar Flavor e-liquid: like you smoke a cigar, aromas in the tobacco over time to impart a subtle and pleasant taste, Only High density can be chosen 


VirginiaTobacco Flavor e-liquid: Full bodied, rich and flue-cured that enhances its total pleasant taste and aroma. It is mild sweet with vanilla and butterscotch undertones which you will dearly love. The taste of a pure Virginia tobacco cigarette is epitomised in this e-liquid


Blended Tobacco Flavor e-liquid: is designed to taste the same as a certain cigarette we all know, has a rich tobacco taste with a nutty undertone, combines Regular, Flue cured tobacco, Hilton, 555, Cappuccino... with different proportions. If you are looking for a juice that replicates the taste of cigarettes, then this is another great offering.


Turkish BlendTobacco Flavor e-liquid: Turkish Blend combines fine Virginia and Turkish Varietals for a smooth and flavorful smoke. The fragrant Orientals combine with the sweetness of the Virginias to create a smooth and unique blend with rich flavor,appreciate the earthy, nutty and woodsy flavor that this unique crop provides.


Cubana Tobacco Flavor e-liquid: A cigar flavor vape juice, robust, complex Cuban cigar taste with rich, spicy, earthy qualities, that tastes like it was rolled on the thighs of a true cuban maiden.


CML Flavor e-liquid: Original, natural, smooth flavor with a hint of bergamot,contain a blend of Turkish and Virginia tobacco. Strong taste, harvest mild and robust tobacco blended together. Taste and smell like the real CML light cigarette.


Marlboro (USA Mix) Flavor e-liquid: Like a really full flavored Red Marlboro cigarette with its unique and strength flavor.Taste the best replica of one of the world's best-selling and most popular Cigarette brands in the world.

Iced-Marlboro(Ice USA Mix)-flavor-e-liquid/e-juice 

Iced Marlboro (Iced USA Mix) Flavor e-liquid: Cool down with a mentholated version of your Favorite Marlboro! Icy fresh chill , that leaves you with a cool refreshing feeling, great tobacco taste with a blast of cool ice on the exhale.


Mild Seven Flavor e-liquid: Cool down with a mentholated version of your Favorite Marlboro! Icy fresh chill , that leaves you with a cool refreshing feeling, great tobacco taste with a blast of cool ice on the exhale.


Congress (Parliament) Flavor e-liquid: Just a classic tobacco flavored e-Liquid. Congress(PLM) is sure to make even "Parliament" fans happy with its clear and pronounced tobacco flavor. The full-flavors are an extremely pleasant smoke. Great flavor, very mild, very little aftertaste.


555 (3&5) Flavor e-liquid: Like a State Express 555 flavored. strong and yet mild and pleasant cigarettes. It tastes unique with a pleasant mix of toasted nuts, smooth caramel and sweet vanilla with excellent pipe tobacco overtones.

 French pipe-tobacco-flavor-nicotine-e-liquid/e-juice

French Pipe tobacco Flavor e-liquid: Like smoking the real thing,tastes like a pipe tobacco along with almost fruity notes. It packs a concentrated flavor of freshly ground tobacco leaves and mixed with the right amount of flavor that’s a mix of high-grade caramel and high-end vanilla.


WST tobacco Flavor e-liquid: tastes like real WST cigarette. If you are craving for a smooth and dry pure tobacco flavor, this e-liquid flavor is for you. This is for those who are just making a transition from smoking real tobaccos to vaping e-cigarettes. There’s no fruity, floral, or food-based taste.

 Hilton-tobacco-flavor-vape-e-liquid Hilton tobacco Flavor e-liquid: Like the Hilton kings, more aromatic taste in their smoke, a high and luxury tobacco flavor.A deep, dark and slightly sweet tobacco flavour with a good throat hit and plenty of thick vapour.


Dunhill tobacco Flavor e-liquid: It tastes like real Dunhill cigarette, victory blend Tobacco, a mildly balanced tobacco, Deluxe tobacco says it all, The name stands for the original dunhill international deluxe.

  Benson Hedges(B&H,Gold&Silver) Tobacco flavor e-liquid

Benson Hedges (B&H, Gold & Sliver) tobacco Flavor e-liquid: is a smooth, premium tobacco flavour, slightly sweet with a strong tobacco sensation, similar to the UK Benson & Hedges Range, full of Vapor and throat-hit powerful tobacco Inspired.

 Winfield Tobacco flavor e-liquid/e-juice

Winfield tobacco Flavor e-liquid:  A version of the traditional Winfield tobacco. The secret of Winfi, , eld’s distinctive flavour and taste lies in bold tobacco that is considered to be the smoothest and aromatic in the world. If you love smoking Winfield cigarettes you will love this flavour.

ESSE flavour refilling vape e-liquid/e-juice 

ESSE Flavor e-liquid: Same as South Korean ESSE brand cigarette, the ESSE flavor e-liquid is super soft and soft slim,it is a classic smoking flavor. The flavor is specifically targeted towards women, of course, there are many men who like it.

 Davidoff Tobacco flavor nicotine refilling e-liquid/e-juice

Davidoff tobacco Flavor e-liquid: This e-liquid has a rich and luxurious tobacco taste, is the premium E-Liquid with freely diffusible and plump Davidoff tobacco fragrance. A great vape for those looking for a deep tobacco  flavour.

 Kent-flavor-e-liquid|e-cig refilling nicotine juice

Kent tobacco Flavor e-liquid: Kent e-liquid is a flavour-packed mix of blueberry and aniseed with an airy menthol base, is a noticeably smooth flavour, very close to the popular American cigarette brand Kent. If you love smoking Kent cigarettes you will love this flavour.

 Peter-Stuyvesant-flavor-e-liquid|Vape juice

Peter Stuyvesant tobacco Flavor e-liquid: The full, rich flavour and aroma of the classic Peter Stuyvesant is presented here for you in liquid form. Straightforward, with no pretence this is another popular Tobacco Taste.

 KOOL flavour refilling vape e-liquid/e-juice

KOOL Flavor e-liquid: is distinctive among menthol cigarettes because it delivers an intense menthol smoking experience that is bold, yet smooth. Kool achieves the perfect balance of rich tobacco taste by combining specially blended tobaccos with, the fresh flavor of menthol.

Newport flavour refilling vape e-liquid/e-juice 

Newport Flavor e-liquid: This bold and robust blend of tobacco with a touch of menthol is a great way to enjoy the flavor of tobacco
Popular tobacco flavor. Rich tobacco flavor with menthol hit for heavy tobacco and menthol lovers.

Salem flavour nicotine e-liquid/e-juice 

Salem Flavor e-liquid: Smooth, but strong as the original Salem Cigarettes taste. Great tobacco flavor and just the right amount of menthol that full your buddies with refreshing taste.

unflavored-flavor-e-liquid|Tasteless nicotine liquid

Unflavor Nicotine e-liquid: Tastless DIY e-liquid, you can use it to boost lower strength flavored e-Liquids or use it to create your own e-Liquid flavors with flavorings available elsewhere. It is actually quite good just by itself!

Menthol-flavor-nicotine-liquid/vape nicotine juice 

Menthol Flavor e-liquid: A Classic menthol taste, cools and refreshes your breat. Our menthol e-juice captures the cool, minty sensations that you get from the regular menthol cigarettes. To make the flavor even tastier, you can add it to other flavors.

 Mint-Candy-flavor-e-liquid/vape ejuice

Mint Candy Flavor e-liquid: is the all-in-one sweet mint candy flavor you’ve been searching for. Our mix artists combined the taste of Spearmint, Peppermint and Wintergreen with an icy blast of refreshing menthol and sugary rock candy to create a unique flavor.

 bubble-gum-flavor-e-liquid/vape ejuice

Bubble Gum Flavor e-liquid: Very sweet with its unforgettable cool minty taste. Tastes just like bubble gum. Each puff feels like you are actually popping a piece of bubble gum in your mouth, with just the right amount to quench your craving.


Tobacco-Mint-flavor-e-liquid/vape ejuice

Tobacco Mint Flavor e-liquid: Tobacco Mint flavour has the same beloved Tobacco Flavor of our Regular tobacco E-liquids spiced with added smooth minty Freshness!

 Ice-Mentho-flavor-e-liquid/vape nicotine juice

Ice Menthol Flavor e-liquid: A refreshing menthol flavor with a great cooling effect on the exhale that is perfect to help you unwind, strong blast will make you feel like you can eat a real ice.

 Triple-Menthol-flavor-e-liquid/vape nicotine juice

Triple Menthol Flavor e-liquid: Triple the menthol, triple the cooling effect!  One of our most popular menthol flavors! If you like a strong menthol flavor this e liquid is for you. It is our strongest menthol flavor.

Strong-mint-flavor-e-liquid/vape nicotine juice 

Strong Mint Flavor e-liquid: A super-cooling mint mixture. Hints of peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen.If what you are looking for in an e smoke is a fresh, clear and mindblowingly minty sensation then this is the right e liquid for you.

Marlboro-Mint-flavor-e-liquid/vape ejuice

Marlboro Mint Flavor e-liquid: Cool down with a mentholated version of your Favorite Marlboro! Imagine the legendary taste and feel of Marlbo plus the cooling and refreshing sensation of Menthol, combined.

 Spearmint-flavor-e-liquid/vape nicotine juice

Spearmint Flavor e-liquid: The classic taste of spearmint is one which many have enjoyed in chewing gums, mints and even in flavoured desserts. Spearmint is an aromatic herb with medicinal and culinary properties, it gives you very cool inhale and exhale,cools your throat with a very distinctive mint flavor.

Spearmint-flavor-e-liquid/vape nicotine juice

Pepperrmint Flavor e-liquid: is a mix of watermint and spearmint. The cooling effect of peppermint makes it one of the most popular flavorings in the world. For centuries, candy makers have used peppermint flavor as the base for candy creations enjoyed by pretty much everyone.

Double-Mint-flavor-e-liquid/vape nicotine e-juice

Double Mint Flavor e-liquid: Just like the gum, the fresh earthy mint flavour and , spicy peppermint taste combine to give your mouth that sparkling pallet cleanse and sweet feel, with none of the hassle of chewing gum!


Fruit Mix Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: The mix masters at BestEcig have really pulled it out the bag with this amazing mix of different fruit flavours. A perfect blend combining a number of exotic and tasty fruits to deliver a refreshing, sweet taste with every throat hit. It's fruity, it's juicy and it's punchy.


Cherry Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: A sweet fruity flavor that tastes just like a fresh picked cherry,it's sweet and it's fruity and has that special taste we all know and love. Who doesn't like the taste of cherries? Cherry is one of those flavour, , , s that stands out on its own and is instantly recognisable.


Watermelon Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Watermelon is known worldwide as a summer favorite. Inside the skin, the watermelon is basically just pure, clean water with a deliciously refreshing taste.Its unique sweet flavor is comparable to no other fruit, not even to other melon species.


Strawberry Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: This super rich strawberry e-liquid will make your mouth water for more,it is one of the classics, has a pleasant, lighter tasting flavor,reminds us most of strawberry jam. Surely this is the one fruit that absolutely everybody knows and loves.


Blueberry Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: It's a simple traditional blueberry flavoured e-liquid and stays faithful to the sweet, distinctive flavour of blueberries. Blueberries have a balanced blend of being sweet and tart and these also boast of many nutritional benefits that other fruits can’t match


Raspberry Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: A popular summer fruit that grows in the temperate regions in the world. It has a sweet and sour taste, and an intense berry flavor.It has smooth throat kicks with incredible rage of Berry flavors. You can feel a subtle hint of tartness too.


Black Currant Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: This blackcurrant flavour is a real treat for fruit lovers. Its sweet taste tingles the taste buds in the most delightful way. The blackcurrants taste like they've been freshly picked and squeezed just for our vaping pleasure.


Grape Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: A great soothing feel with ideally sweet and sourly/tangy like aftertaste just like your favorite kept wine will make you addictive to our mix, in a good way. Vape this with a hint of your favorite wine for an enhanced pleasure.

 Apple-flavor-e-juice|Red apple-e-cig-liquid

Apple Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Apple is a flavour that everyone knows. A delicious blend of bright red apples that taste like an apple picked straight from the tree,has a subtle hint of anis(like a black licorice). The smoke is nice and thick.


Peach Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Taste the same freshness and, , , sweetness you c, an get from Peach Flavored E-Liquid. It is juicy and mouthwatering which is absolutely pleasant in taste. Plus it has incredible aroma and vapor plus smooth runs which makes it a total Vape wonder.


Pineapple Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Savor an exciting tropical feel and taste the genuine juices rising from its outstanding sweet and tangy zest! The smell replicates true pineapple and as exciting as ever! Pineapple offers a refreshing change from your standard e-liquid flavours.


Melon Flavor , E-liquid|E-Jucie: One of the juiciest fruits in the world! Its tasteful great zest, sweet big vapor and, extraordinary pleasant aroma will surely make your tropical days worthwhile!


Orange Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: It has a juicy, pulpy flesh that’s refreshingly tangy and sweet. It’s definitely the fruity burst of Orange’s real sugary and citrusy tang that you will find the most lovable in each of our Orange Fruit Flavored E-liquid.


Lemon Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Lemon is a sunny yellow citrus fruit. It is a total refreshment made available not to drink but to Vape! Amazingly created for you to vape and to crave more – It is well balanced with sweet and tangy taste and overly pleasant smell and vapor.


Mango Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Our mango e-juice captures the flavor of ripe mangoes - sweet, juicy, and smooth. Taste mouthwatering sourness and syrupy sweetness in every bottle of this Mango Fruit Favorite.


Banana Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: It exactly replicates the distinctive taste of bananas. Taste a new level of freshness with our Banana Flavored E-Liquid. With an inviting scent and vibrant sweetness, be ready to walk your memory down a real banana farm.


Coconut Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Coconut is the ultimate tropical getaway fruit, the juice of the coconut has a mild, slightly sweet flavor that’s just perfect. It's distinctive flavour is unmissable once you've tried it and it's sweet aroma will have you coming back for more.


Passion Fruit Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: The taste is sweet and refreshing and has been liked to that of sweet, ripe guava. Its aromatic quality found its way to many recipes and now it also takes e-cigarette lovers by storm with our passion fruit e-liquid.


Grapefruit(Blood Orange) Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Tastes like oranges but they can be sweeter and slightly bitter. Grapefruit flavored E-liquid battles the sparkling and juicy moments of real Orange goodness. Sparkle through a refreshing burst of its citrus, sweet and delicate.


Cotton Candy Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Our sweet fluffy Cotton Candy e-juice flavors is the close taste to the real thing. Full of the sweet flavor that everyone loves in cotton candy. Pull an intensely sweet puff of sugar coated flavor vape e juice from every cloud of this carnival favorite.


Vanilla Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: The sweet taste of vanilla is loved around the world and is the most popular ice cream flavour by far. Its creamy texture and instantly recognisable flavour will keep you coming back time and time again.


Cinnamon Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Cinnamon is known for its unique nutty and spicy taste. You’ll definitely get an explosion of flavor with cinnamon’s sweet and spicy yet delicate aroma. Stimulate your senses as you vape our robust and flavorful cinnamon e-liquid.


Caramel Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: A brown-colored confection produced by carefully heating sugar at high temperatures. With its warm sugary taste and a hint of butter and nuts, caramel is a hit among kids and adults alike. Indulge in the sweetness of caramel with caramel e-liquid.


Butterscotch Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Made from butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and corn syrup.This fragrant buttery, caramel creamy and brown sweet sugary e-juice is an authentic dip from the Butterscotch indulgence -Surely, a perfect partner in creating an ideal vapor experience.


Licorice Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: A vape that transports your senses with its fragrant, herbal aroma and unique taste. We create a flavor that perfectly blends together the signature sugary candy sweetness with a salty-savory exhale.


Clove Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: A healthy kind of spice that’s native to Indonesia. Cloves are known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Get the warm, peppery, and aromatic taste of this spice as you vape our Clove e-liquid.


Rose Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Rose e-liquid brings you the pure essence of rose in a beautiful floral vape. This heavenly flavor is perfectly balanced with no perfume-y taste. This flavor is created from organic or wild crafted blossoms.


Cheesecake Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Delight your sweet tooth with our Cheese Cake Flavored E-liquids,  is smooth in taste and heavy in clouds.  Creamy soft and gentle, with rich cheesy feel. It has backnotes of some sweet crust that will make you ask for more!


Chocolate Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Chocolate’s buttery texture and distinct sweet and slightly bitter taste will surely delight your senses. With our e-liquid you can savor the taste of chocolate without having to worry about sugar spikes or added calories.


Coffee Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Like drinking a cup of strong coffee,Coffe flavor e-liquid has the right amount of sweetness coming from chocolate auburn nuts with strong lively kicks coming from a freshly brewed toasty coffee beans.


Cappuccino Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Warm, rich and creamy. Too bad you can't put a little swirl on the top! Attention coffee lovers, enjoy a delicious cup of cappuccino any time of day without the caffeine with this cappuccino flavored e-liquid.


Espresso Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: it's doubly strong, rich and pure, the aroma and taste are heavenly; one inhalation will transport you to the finest cafe with the best espresso. It offers a taste like no other and this e juice captures that experience flawlessly.


Peanut butter Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: A combo of all popular and expensive nuts come with luxurious butter to make a new Peanut butter you’ll be crazy about. Peanut Butter Flavored E-liquid which is satisfyingly tasty,you can smell and taste an Authentic Peanut Butter.


Cream Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: One of the most popular and sought after e liquid flavor categories for many vapers. The luscious flavor of smooth cream, blended with fruit and other desserts, provides a milky finish on the exhale.


Ice Cream Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Brings to mind a soft frozen dessert treat with creamy milk and sweet toppings without ever worrying about the fats. The rich, smooth and creamy flavor of ice cream ejuice is the perfect treat to enjoy anytime.


Black Tea Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Black Tea (Rooibos Tea), also known as red bush is less of tea, and more of an herbal brew, enjoyed for its fruity, mild-flavour, is a popular health beverage and is totally caffeine-free.


Green Tea Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Green tea has several variants, but the plain kind tastes grassy and a little bit floral with a touch of bitterness that’s common in herbal can have a taste of pure zen experience anywhere with our green tea e-liquid.

 Red-Bull-flavored-vape-e-juice|energe cow-flavour-e-cig-juice

Red Bull Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Taste energy and power just one hit away! Power-charged yourself and let the good energy comes out naturally with our Red Bull Flavored E-Liquid,  has the element of sweetness and lemony hints busting with amazing cola-like zest.


Dr. Pepper Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Taste a perfectly blended cherry and cola refreshing on the palate.This Dr. Pep E-Liquid will look great as a standalone soda flavor, or placed alongside a cola e-liquid to show off that you’re quite the soft drink lover.


Champagne Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: A bubbly glass of champagne can complement just about any occasion. Our Champagne flavored e-liquid combines the light, bubbly taste of champagne with the smooth, hearty vape to create an unforgettable vaping experience.


Brandy Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: It’s hot and its smooth aroma and taste gives an exciting twist of cocktails. Come and take a taste of this cocktail drink with our brandy e-liquid, is like smelling the aroma of a good Brandy from a snifter glass.


Rootbeer Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Root beer float is one of the well-loved ice cream soda variants. Combining the milky creaminess of vanilla ice cream and the fizzy, sweet quality of root beer produces a frothy goodness that’s unique to root beer float.


Cola Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Open a thirst-quenching bottle of cola as an e-liquid flavor for your e-cig. You will surely get the syrupy sweet and bubbly taste of cola. It’s just like drinking your regular cola-flavored soda minus the fizz that you can expect from carbonated drinks.


Whisky Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: A bubbly glass of champagne can complement just about any occasion. Our Champagne flavored e-liquid combines the light, bubbly taste of champagne with the smooth, hearty vape to create an unforgettable vaping experience.


Fruit punch Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: Fruit Punch Flavor E-Juice is an assortment of mixed fruit blended together creating a sweet vape. This is a delightful mix of different fruits, blended in a delicious fruit punch. It's fruity, it's juicy and it's punchy.


Mountain Dew Flavor E-liquid|E-Jucie: It's amazing how much this really tastes like a Mountain Dew carbonated drink. fruit punch flavor is unique, high in quality and full of outstanding fruity flavor that will leave you feeling blissful beyond belief.


3. Nicotine Density(strenge/level) of e-juice/e-liquid:there are 10 different nicotine densities for your choices:

     *Ultra Super high-density of nicotine:  192 mg/g nicotine
     *Ultra Extra high-density of nicotine:  96 mg/g nicotine
     *Ultra high-density of nicotine:  48 mg/g nicotine   
     *Super high-density of nicotine:  36 mg/g nicotine
     *Extra high-density of nicotine:  26 mg/g nicotine
     *High-density of nicotine:  18mg/g nicotine
     *Medium-density of nicotine:  12mg/g nicotine
     *Low-density of nicotine:  8mg/g nicotine
     *Extra Low-density of nicotine: 4mg/g nicotine
     *None-density of nicotine: 0mg/g nicotine 


Notice: Do not directly refill 48mg/96mg/192mg nicotine strength e-liquid with any e-cigarette, you have to dilute the strength of nicotine less than 36mg.



E-Liquid 500ml Unflavor DIY Base with NicotineSalt
E-Liquid 200ml Unflavor DIY Base with NicotineSalt
E-Liquid 50ml Unflavor DIY Base with Nicotine Salt
E-Liquid 20ml Unflavor DIY Base with Nicotine Salt
NicSalt eLiquid OPTIONAL Flavors Samples Pack-10X

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