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2 eGo|510 MEGA Atomizer (one more)
2 eGo atomizer cone cover (one more)
2 eGo MEGA 1100mAh manual batteries
1 AC-USB Adapter
1 eGo USB charger
5 eGo Pre-filled MEGA Cartridges

E-cigarette-eGo (MEGA) 

Color Stainless steel Black White 
Flavor Flue cured tobacco   RY-4   Mild 7   
Regular tobacco   Marl(MLB)   5 5 5   
Blended tobacco   Hilton   Camel   
Congress(PLM)   Dunhill   Cigar   
French Pipe   Newport   Winston   
Menthol   Strong Mint   Vanilla   
Chocolate   Cappuccino   Coffee   
Energy cow   Black tea   Cinnamon   
Cotton candy   Cream   Cola   
Caramel   Licorice   Bubble Gum   
Butterscotch   Dr. Pepper   Clove   
Rootbeer   Strawberry   Cherry   
Watermelon   Apple   Peach   
Pineapple   Blueberry   Grape   
Banana   Fruit mix   Orange   
Coconut   Lemon   Passion Fruit   
Champagne   Brandy   Mountain Dew   
Vitamin   tasteless   
Nicotine Density
Super High Extra High High 
Medium Low None 
Stock 3000 Piece
Price $ 44.45
Weight 335 g
View count 117027


MEGA eGo e-cigarette (eGo MEGA ecigs) produces a massive amount of vapor, awesome throat hit, and extra big cartridge, extra long battery life (1100 mAh) between recharges

Base Packaging:                     
2 eGo MEGA Atomizer: (same as 510 MEGA atomizer)                                           
2 eGo atomizer cone cover         
2 eGo mega manual batteries: (longer life 3.7 volt 1100mAh rechargeable manual battery)            
1 AC-USB Adapter     
1 eGo USB charger: ( special for eGo, is different from 510 USB charger)
5 pcs Pre-filled eGo MEGA Cartridges: (Same as 510 pre-filled MEGA cartridges)      

* Diameter: 14mm
* Length: 155mm (w/ cartridge)
* Weight:  50g (w/ battery)
* Package dimension:237X100X36mm  weight: 335 g
*Color: Black, white, and stainless steel (silver)

E-liquid content for each cattridge:1.1g
Mouthfuls for each catridge keep:280mouthfuls
E-liquid content of each cartridge equals traditional cigarette:25 pcs
Content of battery :1100 mah
Nornal Working Voltage:3.6v-4.2v
Full battery can keep for :about 10-14 hours.
Charge time:3-4 hours

eGo e-cigarette-pack1mega eGo e-cig start kit

How to use the eGo e-cigarette|Joye ego e-cig: eGo electronic cigarette? (please click the link)

eGo CE5/CE6 cartomizer DUAL coil head-5X
eGo CE4 Dual Coil Cartomizer (Flat tip)-5x
eGo CE4 Dual Coil Cartomizer (Round tip)-5x
eGo CE4 Dual Coil Cartomizer (Flat tip)
eGo CE4 Dual Coil Cartomizer (Round tip)

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