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E-Smart e-cig (Ø11mm)
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· E-Smart Battery/Charger
MOD big e-cig (Ø22mm)
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· MEGA Clearomizers|Tank >
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E-Pipe e-cig series
· F-30 E-Pipe Kit/Accessories
· K1000Plus E-Pipe Kit/Accessories
eGo e-cig series (Ø14)
· eGo/USB/LCD/V.V battery >
· eGo Charger(AC,USB,Car...)
· eGo Other Accessories >
· # CE4/CE5/CE6 e-cig kit >
· CE4/CE5/CE6 Cartomizer>
· # Protank 1/2/3 e-cig kit >
· Protank 1/2/3 Clearomizer>
· # eGo H2 e-cig kit
· eGo H2 Clearomizer
· # eGo-W/eGo-T e-cig Kit>
· eGo-W/eGo-T Atomizer >
· # New eGo+ e-cig kit
· New eGo+ Atomizer>
Mini e cig-BE510 (Ø9)
· BE510-W/Mini H2/510C kit
· 510 Atomizer|Clearomizer>
· BE510 Battery/Charger >
Mini eCig-901/103 (Ø9)
· BE901 e-cig kit
· 901 Atomizer|cartridge >
· 901 Battery/Charger/Other>
· 103/BE103C e-cig kit
· 103 Atomizer/Cartridge >
· BE103 Battery/Charger >
· BE112/BE112-T e-cig kit
· 112/-T Atomizer|Cartridge>
· Be112 Battery|Charger >
Mini ecig-BE401(Ø8.5)
· Mini e-cigarette-BE401 kit
· BE401 Atomizer/Cartridge
· BE401 Battery/Charger >
Universal Accessories
· Case/Bag/Lanyard/Holder>
· Universal Charger/Power
· Injector/Empty bottle/cartridges
· Tip/inhaler/mouthpiece
· Rubber/wick/cotton/wire
Novelty Creative Goods
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Old e-cig Models
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Next big Sale date: For happy thanksgiving and special sale from Black Friday to Cyber Monday: our big sale will be from Nov 24th to Dec 3rd, welcome you place an order under our big sale. 2018-11-16

Add new product: The new upgrated Kamry K1000 plus e-pipe  is available now. K1000 Plus 30W E-Pipe is 30W full-power output electronic pipe with built-in Lithium battery, manual button,  pipe-shaped BDVC Sub-ohm tank clearomizer. 2018-11-12

Adjust the shipping cost to US: Affected by the U.S. government’s withdrawal from the UPU and a substantial increase in postal bilateral terminal delivery rates, although our company has undertaken some of the rising costs, due to the large increase, our company has to adjust the shipping cost (USD): International Express shipping cost=$11.9 of first 500g+$5.5 of each additional 500g; ePacket economy express shipping cost=$3.65 of first 100g+$1.5 of each additional 100g. 2018-11-09

20%OFF : Happy Halloween! You will automatically get the 20%OFF discount for all of our products from Nov 01 to Nov 04! 2018-10-31

20%OFF discount and Holiday Notice: during our National Day! You will automatically get the 20%OFF discount for all of our products, but we have to ship all of orders after Oct 5th. 2018-09-30

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival: You will automatically get the 15%OFF discount for all of our products (only two days)!2018-09-23

Reduced the price: For thanking all of our customers, we reduced the prices of our products again 2018-09-04

15%OFF: Specail Sale Second Wave for celebrating 11th anniversary of BestEcig, you will automatically get the 15%OFF discount for all of our products! 2018-08-18

20%OFF: For celebrating 11th anniversary of BestEcig, you will automatically get the 20%OFF discount for all of our products from Jun 09th to July 1st 2018-06-08

15%OFF: Celebrate World No-Tobacco Day, you will automatically get the 15%OFF for all of our products from May 31th to Jun 03rd!

New coil atomizer technolay-- Vertical ceramic rodcoil technology. Faster heating, bigger vapor, no bad burnt tastes, offer purest taste as well; not only can work well with normal e-liquid, nicotine salt e-liquid, and also works great with thicker CBD oil,you can find these atomizers from here: CCell TH210 CBD Ceramic Clearomizer, eGo+/510-W Ceramic Clearomizer, Mini Protank-3 Clearomizer, ect.  2018-05-13

20%OFF discount: Happy Mother's Day, You will automatically get the 20%OFF discount for all of our products when you checkout! (from May 12 to May 13) 2016-05-12

20%OFF discount: Happy International Labor Day, You will automatically get the 20%OFF discount for all of our products when you checkout (only 4 days, from Apr 28th to May 01nd) 2016-04-27

Add new product-- Boarse Pisces 85W Box MOD and Pisces A5 tank atomizer: Boarse Pisces 85W Box MOD is Preferable, Innovative, Compact and Outstanding with a compact size and visual design of carbon fiber,luxury and low profile.And Pisces A5 tank atomizer newly adopts the top e-liquid filling design for ease of refilling e-liquid by removing the top cap only. It has a generous 2ml e-liquid capacity, its detachable structure brings more convenience in maintenance. 2018-04-25

Reduced the price: For thanking all of our customers, we reduced the prices of our products again 2018-04-20

20%OFF:  During Ching Ming Festival (From Apr 5th to 7th),  you will automatically get the 20%OFF discount for all of our products. 2018-04-03

20%OFF: Happy Easter! You will automatically get the 20%OFF discount for all of our products from Mar 31th to Apr 2nd 2018-03-30

Add new product--Nicotine Salt e-liquid/e-juice series: Nicotine salt is the form of nicotine found in tobacco leaves. Unlike the nicotine ordinarily used in e-liquid, these salts aren’t just nicotine; they’re compounds containing nicotine and another organic components, allows you to increase the amount of nicotine in e-liquid without increasing throat hit, vaping will be more comfortable and satisfactory. 2018-03-29

Chinese New Year holiday and 20%OFF discount(From Feb 10th to Feb 23rd) Notice: You still can place order online, and can automatically get the 20%OFF discount for all of our products, but all orders only can be shipped out after Feb 23rd. during this period, because there are too many orders that wait to be shipped, so first orders will be first shipped after our holiday. 2018-02-09

15%-30%OFF for all of our products: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year: you will automatically get the 15%-30%OFF discount for all of our products when you checkout From Dec 15th to Jan 02rd. 2017-12-15.

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1. Can not finish to pay online, how to pay again?
2. Can I use paypal without an account?-Yes
3. What Payment methods can I use?
4. How to order online by
5.How can I save my money for ordering from BestEcig?
6. Dropshipping best e-cigarette and e-liquid from e-cig/e-liquid manufacturer!
7. People placing order from experience

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1. When will I receive my order?
2. How to track the shippingment online?
3. How much for the shipping cost?
4.How choose the shipping method?

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1. Is any warranty in BestEcig?
2. Replace policy
3. Return policy
4. Customs problem
5.Terms and conditions

Products/Tips/Tricks:                             More...

1. What is health e-cigs?
2. What is a good quality E-liquid? The Secret To Good E-liquid     3. what is vaping? The advantages of vape.
4. What is nicotine e-liquid?
5. How to choose e-liquid nicotine level?
How to fill the nicotine e-liquid?
7. What's the different between PG, VG, PG/VG Mix e-liquid? 
.What is SR Normal Resistance, LR Low Resistance and HR/HV High Resistance, what suitable voltage to different resistance?
9. What is the different between Single Coil vs Dual Coil?

10. What is sub-ohms tank?|sub ohm tank vaping explained.

Tips and tricks on using new e-cigarette.
12. Manual Battery or Automatic Battery?

BestEcig Products Reviews
14. Understanding of nicotine and tar cigarettes
15. What is Smoking Addiction
16. How to quit smoking by use e cigs

17. Are electroni c cigarettes safe?

What is Nicotine Salt E-liquid/E-Juice?
19. Reasons Your Vape Tastes Burnt and How To Fix It?
20. Long-Term Vaping Will Cause Negative Health Issues or not?

21. Are electroni c cigarettes safe?
USB passthrough introduction
23. World No Tobacco Day - 31 May.

24. How to clean EGO-C atomizer?

25. Tips of using eGo mini protank glassomizer e-cig. 
26 Tips for using the Aerotank Mega BDC Clearomizer 
27. Tips for using the Nautilus BDC/BVC Clearomizer

How to use (Manual):                              More...

1. How to use? Manual of products.
2. How to choose e-liquid nicotine level?
How to fill the nicotine e-liquid?
4. How to use E-Smart (mini eGo CE4) clearomizer e-cig? how to fill the e-liquid to the E-smart clearomizer tank?
5. How to use E-Smart BCC version mini clearomizer

6.How to use eGo H2 clearomizer e-cig? how to change BCC bottom coild head?
7. How to use eGo mini protank clearomizer e-cigarette, How to replace the coil head, How to fill e-liquid;
How to use eGo CE6 clearomizer(cartomizer) e-cigarette
9. How to use eGo CE5 e-cigarette: How to change the eGo CE5 coil head/how to fill eGo CE5 cartomizer(Clearomizer)
10. How to USE eGo CE4 cartomizer e-cig/How to fill the e-liquid to the eGo CE4 cartomizer.
11. How to use changeable system e-cig eGo-C F8
12. How to use E-cigarette eGo-T

13. How to use Nautilus BDC Adjustable Airflow Clearomizer
14. How to use Aerotank MEGA Clearomizer/Atomizer 
15. How to use: User Manual for Sub-Ohms tank clearomizer
16. How to use Pen stype e-cigarette eGo-W F1
17. How to use KORE top airflow control Sub-Ohm tank clearomizer

18. How to use 510 super mini h2 Clearomizer e-cig
17. How to use 510-T Tank syestem e-cigarette
How to use 510 Clearomizer e-cigs|how to fill the e-liquid to the 510 empty/blank/old cartomizer.
19. How to use Super Mini clearomizer e-cig  510-W 
20. How to use BE401/M401

21. How to use Mini e-cigarette(BE103/DSE103)
How to use Mini e-cigarette(BE901/DSE901)
23. How to use e-cigarette eGo
24. How to use USB e-cigarette
27. How to use eGo LCD battery
28. How to use eGo LCD V.V USB Passthrough Battery
29. VAMO V5 Manual: How to use VAMO V5 MOD ,

30.User manual: VAMO V6 Variable Voltage/Wattage MOD
31.User manual for Nemesis, , MOD

32.How to use Ha, mmer Mechanical MOD
33.How to use Cloupor GT 80W Dual removalble 18650 batteries Smart-auto Temperature Control Smart Box Mod

How to use Cloupor Mini 30W Box Mod
35.How to use Istick 30W Box MOD battery
36.How to use iStick Pico 75W Box MOD battery
37.How to use MELO III Mini Tank Atomizer

38.How to use eGo USB passthough battery
39.How to use 618B E-Pipe VAPE
40.How to use F-30 E-Pipe VAPE and F30 Sub-Ohm Tank 
41.How to use K1000 plus E-Pipe VAPE

Hot products
K1000 Plus 30W E-Pipe Starter kit
$ 38.95
CCell TH210 CBD Ceramic Clearomizer
$ 2.65
E-Smart e-cig (with CCell CBD Clearomizer)
$ 23.25
Nicotine Salt e-liquid 500ml
$ 84.95
e-liquid 500ml
$ 74.95
Intellicharger Li-ion/NiMH Battery Charger
$ 11.95
Li-ion Battery Universal Charger
$ 3.95
Boarse Pisces 85W MOD e-cig(with MELO 3 Mini Tank)
$ 36.95