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How to use Mechanical Hammer MOD e-cig  

The Hammer MOD also known as the "Chammer." It is kind of an e-pipe looking mod, much like its' name, the design of this device resembles that of a hammer. The Hammer MOD is a full mechanical mod with an adjustable bottom push button to fire,no circuit board, the body is made of Stainless steel, has some cool engravings. Fit on a 18350 battery, 18490/18500/18650 battery with an extension tube; The Hammer Mechanical MOD comes with 510/eGo threading connector too, compatible with 510 threaded atomizers/clearomizers/cartomizers ( (for eGo threaded atomizers, you should use a eGo-510 Adapter Convertor ).


Features of Hammer mechanical MOD


 -Made of stainless steel, Laser etched patternHammer MOD kit
 -No circuit board, full mechanical mod,full detachable, all mechanical switch, no wire, no
 -the hole on bottom of the mod would be used for heating radiation
 -Adjustable and lockable firing switch/button
 -Compatible with any atomizer/clearomizer with 510 threaded connector
 -Can be powered by 18350/18490/18500/18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery (batteries sold


Characteristics of Hammer mechanical MOD:


Name : Hammer Mechanical MOD
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter: 22mm top cap
Body Size:LXWXH=55X36X29cm
Net Weight: 236gram (No include the Li-ion battery)
Shipping Weight: 338gram (with the package,no include the Li-ion battery)
Content of battery :1*18350/1*18500/1*18490/1*18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery
Threading:510 threading connector  (for eGo threaded atomizers, you should use a eGo-510 Adapter Convertor ).


Introduction of the parts of Hammer Mechanical MOD:

Adjustable Firing Button - Bottom Contact connects with the battery inside of the Hammer, screw in to adjust for the battery size. It’ll also double as the On/Off switch.
Button Rocking Ring - To lock the Hammer Mechanical Mod, screw the locking ring in a counterclockwise motion.
Hammer Body and Extension Tubes - The Hammer MOD comes with two battery tubes fully connected to each other when the package is opened. The Hammer body contains the laser etch. They allow this device the ability to use one of three batteries: an 18350/18490/18500/18650
Top cap - 510 threading connector, connect with the atomizer/clearomizers.

Hammer MOD accessories


What atomizers/cartomizers/clearomizers can used in the Hammer Mechanical MOD?


The Hammer Mechanical MOD comes with 510 threading connector, compatible with 510 threaded atomizers/clearomizers/cartomizers (for eGo threaded atomizers, you should use a eGo-510 Adapter Convertor ). For examples: eGo-T atomizers, eGo CE4 cartomizers, eGo CE5 cartomizer , eGo CE6 cartomizer, eGo Mini Protank Glassomizer, eGo H2 Clearomizer, eGo-C atomizer, eGo-W cartomizers, 510 atomizers, eGo atomizers, 510 MEGA atomizer, eGo MEGA atomizers, 510 cartomizers, eGo cartomizers, eGo type A atomizers, Nautilus BDC Adjustable Airflow Clearomizer, ect.


How to use Hammer Mechanical MOD?


•Insert the Battery:

Hammer MOD can be powered by 1*18350 battery/1*18490 battery/1*18500 battery/1*18650 battery.
Before you do this step, make sure you’ve chosen the combination of extension tubes that fit your battery.

18350 battery: Adjustable Firing Button + Hammer Body + Connecting Ring + Top cap
18490/18500 battery: Adjustable Firing Button + Hammer Body + Connecting Ring + Extension Tube 1+ Top cap
18650 battery: Adjustable Firing Button + Hammer Body + Connecting Ring +  Extension Tube 2 + Top cap

•Attach an Atomizer and Begin Vaping:

Now attach your atomizer to the threading at the top cap of the Hammer Mechanical Mod. Once you’re ready to begin vaping, you can push down the firing Button to have it begin the vaporization process.

how to use Hammer MOD

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