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· e-liquid 10ml/20ml
· e-liquid 35ml/50ml
· e-liquid 200ml/500ml
· E-Smart/E-Smart BCC kit >
· E-Smart/BCC Clearomizer >
· E-Smart Battery/Charger
Mechanical MOD e-cig
· MOD e-cig kit
· Vamo V5/Nemesis MOD
· MEGA Clearomizer: Nautilus
· 18650/350 Battery|Charger
E-cigarette-eGo series
· eGo/USB/LCD/V.V battery >
· eGo Charger(AC,USB,Car...)
· # eGo/eGo-A e-cig kit
· eGo/-A Atomizer|Cartridge>
· # eGo-T/eGo-C e-cig Kit >
· eGo-T/-C Atomizer|Cartr..>
· # eGo CE4 e-cig kit
· eGo CE4 Cartomizer
· # eGo CE5/CE6 e-cig kit >
· eGo CE5/CE6 Cartomizer
· # Protank 1/2/3 e-cig kit >
· Protank 1/2/3 Clearomizer>
· # eGo H2 e-cig kit
· eGo H2 Clearomizer
· # eGo-W e-cig kit
· eGo-W Cartomizer
· eGo Cap|Tip|holder, ect
· BE112/BE112-T kit
· 112/-T Atomizer|Cartridge>
· Be112 Battery|Charger >
Mini e cigarette-BE510
· BE510/510C/510-T kit
· 510/-T Atomizer|Cartridge>
· BE510 Battery/Charger >
Mini e cigarette-BE901
· BE901/BE901-T kit
· 901/-T Atomizer|cartridge >
· BE901 Battery/Charger >
Mini e cigarette-BE401
· Mini e cigarette-BE401 kit
· BE401 Atomizer/Cartridge
· BE401 Battery/Charger >
Mini e cigarette-BE103
· BE103/BE103C kit
· 103 Atomizer/Cartridge >
· BE103 Battery/Charger >
· Case/Bag/Lanyard/Holder
· Empty bottle|cartridges
· Tip/inhaler/mouthpiece
· Universal Charger/Power
· Injector/rubber/wick/wire

Price:$ 32.45
Small, slim, light, elegant mini clearomizer e-cig:
2 E-Smart tips
2 E-Smart clearomizers
2 E-Smart batteries
1 AC-USB adapter
1 E-Smart USB charger
1 10ml E-liquid
E-cigarette eGo CE4
Price:$ 35.45
eGo CE4 transparent tank cartomizer (clearomizer) e-cigarette:
1 eGo CE4 cartomizer
2 eGo batteries
1 AC-USB adapter
1 eGo USB charger
1 bottle 10ml e-liquid
Mini e Cigarette-BE510
Price:$ 24.75
Most popular model of the mini-size e-cig:
1 Mini e-cig 510 atomizer
2 mini e-cig 510 batteries
1 AC-USB Adapter
1 BE510 USB Charger
5 BE510 refilled e-liquid cartridges
Price:$ 24.95
Most classic pen style electronic cigarette:
2 E-cigarette atomizers
2 E-cigarette batteries
1 AC-USB Adapter
1 USB Charger
5 Pre-filled e-liquid cartridges
Nemesis MOD e-cig (with Nautilus BDC clearomizer)
Price:$ 57.95
The Nautilus Clearomizer with the Nemesis MOD:
1 Nautilus BDC Clearomizer Whole Set
1 Nemesis Mechanical MOD
2 ICR18650 2600mAh Li-ion Batteries
1 Li-ion Battery Charger
1 20ml E-liquid
e-liquid 10ml
Price:$ 2.95
E-liuid provides you with another way to enjoy your e-cigarette. A 10ml e-liquid will make about the same amount as 10 packs of cigarettes. Based on 100%VG, 100%PG, or 60%VG/40%PG Mix.
e-liquid 35ml
Price:$ 8.95
$0.25/ml, E-cig nicotine refilling liquid(e-liquid): have 55 different e-liquid flavors. 6 nicotine densities: 36mg, 24mg, 16mg, 11mg, 6mg, 0mg. Base on 100%VG, 100%PG, or 60%VG/40%PG Mix.
Vamo V5 Variable Voltage/Wattage MOD
Price:$ 31.45
Is sleek, powerful, reliable, full featured:
0.75" OLED display screen
Variable Voltage:3- 6V.
Variable Wattage:3-15W.
Check Resistance, Voltage, Wattage and Current
Completely compatible with eGo|510 thread (MEGA) atomizers /clearomizers.
E-cigarette eGo-T
Price:$ 36.95
Tank system e-cig: Dripping e-liquid directly into its 1.2ml tank cartridge):
1 eGo-T rubber mouthpiece cover
1 eGo-T atomizer
2 eGo-T batteries
1 AC-USB adapter
1 eGo USB charger
1 10ml e-liquid
5 Blank eGo-T Cartridges
E-cigarette eGo-W
Price:$ 39.45
Pen Style e-cig with 2ml clearomizer and pen cap:
1 eGo-W pen cap
1 eGo-W inhaler
1 cartomizer shell
1 eGo-W clear cartomizer
2 eGo batteries
1 AC-USB adapter
1 eGo USB charger
1 10ml e-liquid
1 E-liquid injector
E-cigarette eGo Mini Protank-3
Price:$ 44.45
Protank-3 Mini Size Pyrex Glass BDC fully disassemble-able clearomizer e-cig:
1 Mini Protank-3 Glass Tube with Tip
5 Protank BDC Coil Heads
1 Mini Protank-3 Base
2 eGo Standard Batteries
1 Universal AC-USB adapter
1 eGo USB Charger
1 10ml E-liquid
E-cigarette eGo H2
Price:$ 40.95
One-piece clear tube and tip with Bottom Coil Changeable system clearomizer e-cig, A starter kit includes:
1 eGo H2 clear tube with tip
5 eGo bottom coil heads
1 eGo H2 bottom base
2 eGo batteries
1 Universal AC-USB adapter
1 eGo USB charger
1 10ml E-liquid
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     -25 e-cigarette models: E-cigarette BE112 (DSE801)/BE112-T tank, Mini e-cigarette BE103/DSE103, Mini e-cigarette BE901/DSE901/901-T, Mini e-cigarette BE401/M401, Mini e-cigarette BE510/510-T, Disposable e-cigarette BE510D, E-cigarette eGo/eGo-T(tank system), eGo type A, pen style eGo-W, Changeable system eGo-C e-cigarette, eGo CE4 cartomizer e-cig, eGo CE5/CE6 changeable system cartomizer/clearomizer e-cig, eGo mini protank bottom coil glassomizer e-cig, eGo H2 clearomizer e-cig, E-Smart mini eGo CE4 e-cig.

     -10  battery versions: Automatic, Manual, MEGA, LCD, Variable Voltage, Twist, USB Passthrough battery, 18650/1835 MOD, VAMO.

     -11 Atomizer/Cartomizer/clearomizer/Glassomizer versions: Nomal resitance, Low or High resistance, cartomizer, tank system, clearomizer, glassomizer, changeable system clearomizer/cartomzer, Bottom Coil Clearomizer, Dual Coil head.

     -9 colors: White, Black, stainless steel ( silver), red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and pink.

   -55 e-liquid or refilled atomized cartridge flavors: Flue cured tobacco, RY-4, Mild 7, Regular tobacco, Marl(MLB), 5 5 5, Blended tobacco, Hilton, Camel, Congress(PLM), Dunhill, Cigar, French Pipe, Newport, Winston, Menthol, Strong Mint, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cappuccino, Coffee, Energy cow (R.Bull), Black tea, Cinnamon, Cotton candy, Cream, Cola, Caramel, Licorice, Bubble Gum, Butterscotch, Dr. Pepper, Clove, Rose, Rootbeer, Strawberry, Cherry, Watermelon, Apple, Peach, Pineapple, Blueberry, Grape, Banana, Fruit mix, Orange, Coconut, Lemon, Passion Fruit, Champagne, Brandy, Mountain Dew, Healthcare(Vitamin), tasteless(unflavor).

   -6 e-liquid/cartridge nicotine densities: 36mg, 24mg, 16mg, 11mg, 6mg and 0mg.

   -3 e-liquid/cartridge ingredients:100%VG, 100%PG, 60%VG/40%PG mix

   -Sorts of e-cigs' accessories: Blank cartridges, Carrying Case/bag, Lanyard, Holder, PCC, USB adpater, Wick, Wire coil, etc.

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Vamo V5 Variable Voltage/Wattage MOD
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